6th March 2020

Zuzu @ Liverpool Arts Club | Gig Review

Friday night saw the Arts Club host Liverpool-born front-woman Zuzu and her accompanying band, and they did not disappoint. The buzz around the audience grew as the support acts got underway. Before long, the back room ‘Arts Club Auditorium’ filled in anticipation for the Scouser’s hometown gig. Even before her set, Zuzu could be seen at the merchandise stand, taking photos with her dedicated fans, signing t-shirts and chatting away – It is clear this night is just as much for Zuzu herself as it is for her fans. This jovial atmosphere set the tone for the entire night as the audience caught Zuzu’s energetic positivity.

The Performance…

From the moment Zuzu came out the crowd erupted into a frenzy, cheering and whistling. Needless to say, there was an eagerness from both sides. Zuzu went bold – dressed in blue from head to toe, including knee-high boots and a hat to top the look off. A bold look, but one that reflects the explosiveness of her music. After initial sound issues and feedback, the gig began in full swing, with tight drumming and an elaborate light show for the opening song “What You Want”. An appropriate track to kick the night off, as it offers fans the chance to sing along to one of her more well-known songs, whilst introducing new fans to her distinct style seen throughout her discography. Zuzu exclaims afterwards that “This means the whole world to me” – reiterating her affiliation to her hometown.

Two fan favourites quickly followed with “Money Back” and “Beauty Queen”. Showcasing Zuzu as a natural leading woman, as the crowd followed her in every move; clapping in unison, cheering, and singing the chorus back to her, until the band and the crowd merged into one.

At this point in the night the whole room was full of energy. So much so that the band got so into their groove the snare broke. Zuzu used the time needed to replace it to further her comedy career and crack a joke – “Two oranges walk into a bar. One says to the other, you’re round”. A shame the snare was broken, as it was worthy of a sting (Ba dum tschh).

But without delay, the band were back in full swing as they played “Never again”, a ‘fuck you song’ as Zuzu describes it. Clear to see in the frenzied high energy performance she delivers. Loving every second of the night, Zuzu excitedly shouts that this is “the best gig I have ever done”. It would be hard to disagree with her, with this been my third time seeing Zuzu and easily being her best performance.

Zuzu’s huge following can be seen throughout the night as the audience continues to sing her words back to her, showcasing her dedicated fan-base country wide, and within her hometown. As she sells out shows throughout this tour, whilst opening for huge bands such as the Courteeners. At this point in the set Zuzu mentions her upcoming EP – “Come with me”. Something to look forward to no doubt, with “How it feels” confirmed to be on the EP too. The new songs played throughout the night are just as impressive, and continue Zuzu’s sound with ease and excellence.

The night ended with arguably Zuzu’s most popular and refined song. Ending on an electric and upbeat song is perfect, summing up Zuzu’s positivity throughout the night. With catchy songs that get you moving, but provide a much deeper message – such as her new single “Skin and Bones”.

Each time I have seen Zuzu perform live her stage presence and sound production of her band only improve, as she comes into her own and dominates each and every show, but on Friday in front of a local audience, Zuzu was right at home.