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17th February 2020

19 Candidates for the Student Officer Elections 2020/21 have been revealed

After a campus-wide search for the Guild’s next Student Officer team, it has been revealed that 19 candidates have put themselves forward for the role as a Student Officer and will be standing in the Student Officer Election in the next few weeks.

Your Candidates for Student Officer Elections 2020/2021 are:

  • Adnan Hussain
  • Anna-Maria Hartley
  • Atina Ndindeng
  • Baptiste Audidier
  • Brad Rees
  • Che Spencer Pote
  • Chloe Field
  • Delisha Dadrewalla
  • Ely Votaw
  • Ffion Thomas
  • Hafiz H. Barakzahi
  • Imogen de Castro Gray
  • Lily Denny
  • Olivia Mackender
  • Sam Lange
  • Samira Abdo
  • Sana Nagi
  • Sanjana Pattar
  • Thomas Lathrope

“Student Officers lead the way in affecting significant change on campus, making your University experience just that little bit brighter. Each candidate for Student Officer will run on a manifesto proposing exciting, impactful changes to make campus a better place for the people that matter, the students and the power is in your hands to vote for a Student Officer Team that represents you.”

Liverpool Guild of Students

All details on the candidates and their manifestos will be available next week.

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Voting opens at 9am on Monday 9th March until Friday 13th March.

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Featured Image Credit: Liverpool Guild of Students