16th February 2020

It’s Cool To Be Kind

Opinion pieces are the view of the author and in no way reflects the view of the Liverpool Guild Student Media or Liverpool Guild of Students.

A statistic I often find unnerving, is the fact that our world populates around 7.8 billion people. 7.8 billion people, all leading different lives and sharing different experiences. We may not come into contact with each other or even know that each other exists, but one fact remains is that we share this world together

Happy times, sad times, nervous times. The times we could jump for joy are all common experiences we share.

I originally planned on writing this piece reflecting on my own experiences; after all the student life of balancing an education, job and social life is not an easy one. However, following the recent death of TV presenter, Caroline Flack, it appears that the message of kindness seems as important as ever. 

As funny as it may sound, what we do has an impact. Passion can influence others, creativity can inspire us, one encounter can fulfill another but above all, our words and actions can have an impact to last a lifetime. 

It may seem benign but things, like holding the door, complimenting a shirt or simply just being there, is enough to make someone’s day. After all, it costs nothing to be kind.

This is a busy and ambitious world, and often we get lost in ourselves trying to carve a path. However, it is so very clear and important that we need to spread a little kindness to one another, not only to see us all through the bad times but to see us through the good as well.

Feature Image Credit: Pixabay