24th January 2020

Avenoir – Drown | Single Review

It’s about time a band like Avenoir emerge. The current music scene is stale; the pop charts are repetitive as every song sounds the same as the next, with only one sentence repeated over the same beat (oh, and maybe a breakdown for Ariana Grande to be able to hit a high note), or for the ‘alternative’ kids, it is just Indie music (You like Oasis, get over it).

Avenoir are an Alternative Rock band that take influence from Grunge and Punk, such as Nirvana and The Misfits, to produce a sound that seemingly blends a heavy backing that makes the audience stand to attention, with moments of entrancing soft vocals.

It is undeniable that this band captures your attention as you become hypnotised by the pure brilliance of the established musicians (just take a listen to The Leviathan, then imagine it live. Hint: it’s brilliant). The masses are clearly listening as the band has made great feats already, playing the likes of the BBC Introducing Stage at the Reading and Leeds Festival, and their previous single release, ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’, has racked up over 26,000 streams on Spotify.

Although the band has seen a change in line-up, ‘Drown’ is a fantastic new taste into the direction the band are headed. The influence of Jozefowicz is very apparent, if not only for a scream that you can feel from the very core.

However, this is not something to shy from as it is a heavier song, but it hits you hard with melodic structure; you cannot help but move, no matter where you are listening. I cannot help but think of Placebo; it seems unconventional, but it just works. What is impeccable about this song is everyone seems to work in tandem with each other, with no egotistical attempt to out-perform another.

The audience is left to appreciate everyone, from the drums driving the pace forward, the bass making you move with its dark undertones, and with the guitar getting its pleasing moment, you can’t help but just sit back and listen, just to appreciate the pure musicianship demonstrated. Once you layer the vocals, you have a song that is damn-near perfect.

The composition of the song is quite important as each member understands their role in the song, which allows for moments of tranquility, before dialling it up to eleven and blowing you away, which just make these moments have all the more gravitas.

‘The lyrics are purposely elusive, metaphorical and ambiguous to match the cold feel and almost at times distant vocals’

Tye Jozefowicz – Vocalist

This is interesting once juxtaposed against riffs that seem inviting and exert dynamic movement. These seemingly contrasting themes work, and this is what the song manages to do very successfully, and the band demonstrate as a whole; it takes all these different elements and fuses them together to create a distinctive sound that works.

It is impossible not to be excited by Avenoir. If ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’ and ‘Drown’ are anything to go by, this is a band already producing some of the best music out there, and they are only going to go from strength to strength. If you think their singles sound great, you really ought to see them live. Having a taster of the energy that Avenoir bring to the stage, you would be a fool not to see them, and you really should soon, because they will not be staying in small venues.

Avenoir are playing a headline gig at The Wardrobe in Leeds on the 24th January, and with limited tickets remaining, you should really rush to get one. Finally, a band to be excited about.

Have a listen…

‘Drown’ is now out on all major platforms, and you can take a listen below.

Avenoir – Drown

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You can also get tickets to their gig in Leeds here.