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2nd December 2019

The Best Speciality Hot Drinks for the Christmas period

With deadlines looming, you might not have been to your local coffee store to order a hot drink because either; you have been bogged down with work, or you haven’t been eager to go outside because of the cold.

However, we recommend taking a much needed beverage break and ordering yourself a hot drink.

I hope this article inspires you to pick a speciality Christmas hot drink; as you’ll love what these coffee houses have to offer!


If you are going to Greggs this Christmas season and want something to compliment your ‘Festive Bake’ and doughnut, I do suggest ordering either of these two drinks.

If you like coffee there is a new ‘Salted Caramel Latte’ that Greggs has to offer and it is only £2.75. It’s even topped with a cream and a a sprinkling of shortbread! What’s not to love about this festive drink.

However, Greggs have more than one Christmas drink up for offer so if you don’t like something sweet, but like something more sharp this drink may be for you. You may not even like coffee or, if you have tried the salted caramel latte, and it was too sweet, the ‘mint hot chocolate’ may be up your alley.

The ‘Mint Hot Chocolate’ comes with cream and shreds of chocolate on the top, making it the ultimate mint chocolate drink. Furthermore, it is only £2.75, which is a bargain for any hot drink.


If you have been to Greggs and not really liked the thought of the hot drinks that they offer, or if you are meeting a friend for a study session and want to try Costa’s new Christmas range, these are the newest Christmas drinks Costa has to offer.

Firstly, if you are a big Irish coffee drinking lover, this may be your new favourite place to stop for a hot drink. Yes, you are right, Costa is selling a variety of drinks, which all have the infamous Irish Coffee flavourings to them.

That’s right, I’m talking about lattes and cappuccinos so get them while they last. When asking for these however, they are under the ‘Irish Velvet’ range as you don’t want to ask for the wrong drink when ordering.

While the cappuccino is priced at £2.95, the latte is priced at £3.30.

Photo by Reet Talreja on Unsplash

However, if you don’t like the taste of Irish coffee and prefer something cold as you may have brought yourselves a hot lunch to eat while you’re at Costa, you may enjoy the ‘Hazelnut Praline Frostino’ which is basically an iced drink that tastes exactly like Nutella.

For all the chocolate loving fans, this drink may be your favourite and it’s only £3.45. I mean doesn’t it just look delicious!


If you prefer Starbucks over Costa and just want to get your hands on the red cups as it feels just a little bit more Christmassy, then these are the drinks that Starbucks has to offer.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth then you may like to try the ‘Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate’. This hot drink is said to be a twist on the classic ‘hot chocolate ‘ as it combines a mocha sauce and marshmallow syrup to make this hot drink. It also comes with a crème brûlée topping. This drink is basically Christmas in a cup!

Photo by dapiki moto on Unsplash

However, if you haven’t got a sweet-tooth and maybe like something a little more alcoholic the new ‘Eggnog latte’ is perfect for you. This drink has always been released at Christmas time, and for many people, they buy this drink as a means to start Christmas in the right way.


The first Christmas drink that Pret has to offer is a Crème Brûlée latte. If you find Starbuck hot chocolate too sweet for your taste buds, this is the perfect alternative!

However, if you don’t like sweet drinks that much, Pret also do a ‘Gingerbread latte’. If you bring a reusable cup for both the Crème Brûlée latte and the Gingerbread latte, you get 50p off your drinks, which I think is a steal!

Café Nero

At Café Nero, you can make your own drinks, which is a great option, if want to be able to completely customise your drinks, or if you feel like the barista’s just make the drinks a little bit too sweet/bitter for your liking, fear no more.

You can either make your own latte or hot chocolate, and the choice that are provided are varied from: salted caramel, spiced caramel and cinnamon to hazelnut chocolate chip or even caramelised almond with a festive crunch.

The choice of the flavourings means can make your drink as festive as possible.

Photo by Alexander London on Unsplash

I hope you enjoyed this festive speciality drinks article, which has given you some inspiration to try as many speciality drinks as you can during this holiday season!