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21st November 2019

Honest Burger: “Masa Fried Chicken Burger” | Review

Food and Drink writers Nisha and Danii recently visited Honest Burger on Bold Street to try the new “Masa Fried Chicken burger”. Read on for their thoughts!

Honest Burger are wowing customers once again with the New “Masa Fried Chicken Burger” in collaboration with Petare, only available until the 25th November. We recently visited Honest Burger on Bold Street to try the new specialty dish.

The Vibe and Service

Our first impressions of Honest Burger as we had never been there before, was that it was the sort of place you’d go to after Uni for a couple of drinks, as the bar area looked really nice and spacious.

The interior of Honest Burger had an air of sophistication. Whether it be date night, after work drinks or a library lunch break, the rustic black benches and golden lighting offer a homely atmosphere.

We ventured to Bold street to try the new Masa Burger and we left feeling positive about the overarching experience. From friendly and welcoming staff who excitedly explained their offers, to the timely and efficient service. Something we found particularly admirable was Honest Burger’s core ambition to support local businesses in the Liverpool community, including locally sourced ingredients for their fresh meals, local bands for their live performances, and original dishes from small business eateries.

The Food

Image Credit: Author (Nisha)
Image Credit: Author (Danii)

The Masa Fried Chicken burger is no different, as a staple meal from Petare’s (London’s #1 fried chicken shop). It is a twist on traditional Latin American food with Venezuelan inspiration! The killer dish was designed to be both sweet and savoury with the buttermilk fried chicken blanketed in a citrusy guava glaze (a native fruit of Latin America) and smoked bacon, the perfect combination for any and all taste buds.

The textures are similarly divine, with soft buns and crispy charred corn slaw which left us in discussion about the original and unique flavours.

We loved how the sweet the guava glaze was compared to the sourness of the pickles and the saltiness of the bacon. We feel like all these components really melded well together and complimented each other perfectly.

And luckily for customers of this delicious treat, the burger is served with a side of homemade rosemary chips. The rosemary fries were delicious, as they were just so light and fluffy in the middle, yet so crispy on the outside.And that’ not all…chomp away with no gluten guilt as the succulent burger is sandwiched by gluten-free buns.

Extra Information and Offers

So how much does this mysterious burger cost? Well you can nab the expensive flavours at a steal cost of £12.50, and students can get an additional 30% off every Monday to Thursday from 14:00-17:30.

But be quick! The Masa Fried Chicken burger is only available until the 25th November, so head down to Honest Burger soon!

This is only available for a certain time of the month as each month Honest Burgers choose one speciality dish from another restaurant to have as a special in their restaurant. We wonder what it’s going to be next time….

So, if deadlines are weighing you down, Honest Burger offer new dishes of the month, so keep an eye out for December’s spectacular offering.

A special thank you to Honest Burger for letting us try their unique burgers as we enjoyed them very much and will be coming back again soon!

Address: 100 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HY

Visit Honest Burger to make a booking.

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Authors: Nisha Paris and Danii Stapelberg