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19th November 2019

Should Airlines Ban Nuts? – Opinion

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The recent news of two Apprentice candidates, Ryan-Mark Parsons and Pamela Laird, being treated unfairly on a Finnair flight due to their nut allergies, prompts the question; should airlines ban nuts?

The two contestants have shared their experience as a way to promote and let other nut allergy sufferers, like myself, be aware of Finnair’s policies.

From Birmingham Mail:

“It was shocking to hear about Finnair’s policy regarding passengers travelling with a severe nut allergy. They need to understand the seriousness of the situation around nut allergies and that they simply cannot refuse to accommodate the passengers who travel with them.”

Pamela Laird

After making the staff aware of their nut allergies, and of the epi-pens they were carrying, the plane crew were able to announce that passengers were not permitted to purchase or consume nuts on this plane. However, there was a still a group on the plane who proceeded to eat nuts.

With nut allergy sufferers all having a different severity to nuts, (whether a reaction can be triggered from inhalation to consumption of nuts), it seems so inconsiderate for nuts to be served on planes. In this particular case, members on a flight actively eating nuts, knowing there is someone on board that could possibly die as a result, is extremely ignorant.

Although the staff were able to intervene and make the announcement, providing special treatment to the candidates is great. However, it highlights how all passengers should be treated this way when on a plane.

As someone who never eats plane food as a precaution, it’s still difficult that I have no control over what others eat around me. Being in a confined space with absolutely nowhere to go can intensify the smell of nuts and cause a reaction. If airlines were to ban nuts, those with allergies would essentially be less stressed and could enjoy travelling like others.

Other AirLines:

Earlier this year in April, the BBC reported an EasyJet announcement that they would no longer serve nuts. This is a notion that values the safety of its passengers.

Other airlines such as RyanAir also have a policy in which if they are told ahead of time of passengers with allergies, they will not serve nuts.

All airlines have different nut policies. Make sure to check online before booking a flight or send an email enquiring about nut policies.

These airlines mentioned above do display valuable progression in creating a safe environment for all passengers.

So, is it time for other airlines and Finnair to also get on board?

Extra Information

Tom and Julie Martin started a petition to ban nuts and nut products from airlines. Click here to sign.

Some useful resources for flying with a nut allergy:

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