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15th November 2019

NUS Delegates – Live Updates

As voting closes for this year’s NUS delegates, we bring you live updates as votes are counted.

There are seven spots open to join Guild President, Adnan Hussain, at the National Union of Students conference next year. The conference will take place from the 31st March to the 2nd April 2020, right here in Liverpool, in the Arena and Convention Centre. A spot in the heart of Liverpool, on the docks next to the M&S Bank Arena.

Funding for mental health services, cutting high rents, protecting the environment, and protecting students from minority groups are the big concerns for students, and these are reflected in the manifestos of the candidates.


Confirmation that the votes have been counted and the delegates will be announced shortly!

The results are in:

Lucy Kerr

Dominic Jones

Jodie Sylvester

Hannah Nguyen

Aisha Chaudry

Dylan Thomson

Fatima Yasmin

Lots of lovely words from the candidates!

Commiserations to Pippa Carlton, she wanted to highlight how supportive the guild have been.

“The support from all of the people in the guild has been amazing. Lucy Pilling has been so generous with her time, and I don’t think people realise how much time goes in!”

Pippa Carlton

Congrats to Dominic Jones, one of our new candidates!

“Thank you to people who have voted, as well the people who have helped out. Thank you to the university for highlight the work the NUS does and allowing Liverpool to have such a strong presence there this year.”

Dominic Jones

Congrats also to Jodie Sylvester, one of our student officers!

“It’s really great to see students caring about issues around sexual harassment and financial inequality, so much so that I can bring it to a national level!”

Jodie Sylvester

Congrats to Dylan Thomson, who ran on a campaign based on climate action.

“Student politics is massively important, and I’m really looking forward to creating some impactful policies at conference.”

Dylan Thomson

Commiserations to Samira Abdo, who ran on a platform of the green and clean guild.

“After the impressive campaigning on the divestment in fossil fuels, I’m quite disappointed to be honest, given I had such a clear green stance. I will be back next year!”

Samira Abdo

Congrats to Hannah Nguyen, who was at last year’s conference.

“Following our success at last year’s NUS conference, where we passed a motion demanding that NUS boycott Barclay’s, it is good to see that students still understand that climate action should be a priority for the NUS, as well liberation and free education campaigning.”

Hannah Nguyen

Congrats to Aisha Chaudhry, who focused on fighting discrimination, promoting environmental awareness, and combating the mental health crisis.

“I’m really grateful to everyone who has voted for me. I hope to represent you all and do you proud.”

Aisha Chaudhry

Congrats to Fatima Yasmin, who is excited to see her impact at the conference.

“A massive thank you to everyone who voted for me. The main aim behind putting myself forward as delegate was to enact real change, and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to do that.”

Fatima Yasmin

Adnan Hussain, our Guild President, had this to say about the election.

“I thought everyone campaigned really hard, and congratulations to the winners! I’m looking forward to the NUS conference this March with my fellow delegates.”

Adnan Hussain

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