15th November 2019

Larkins @ The Zanzibar | Gig Review


The up and coming four-piece Mancunian band, Larkins, kicked off the show with the upbeat catchy song ‘Sugar Sweet’. Instantly, fans rushed forward, moving into the non-existent spaces in hopes to catch a closer glimpse of the band. Frontman; vocalist and guitarist Josh Noble chatted to the audience stating “it’s gonna get packed in here” and so it did. The bass player, Henry Beach played the whole set with his shirt off—if that isn’t evidence for how hot and crowded the gig was then I don’t know what is. The drummer, Matt Williams joined the bassist shortly after! Lead guitarist, Dom Want captivated the fans attention playing well-known and loved riffs that allowed fans to let loose and groove. The music soon filled the small venue and vibrated through the floors of The Zanzibar.

The Vibe and Venue

Often, from my experience at indie gigs, the focus as a fan is usually on the crowd through dancing/moshing, however I found myself fixated upon the production, sound and performance. The instrumentation behind each song is creative and provokes a feel-good vibe continuously through the strong sense of rhythm and dynamics as well as the use of guitar pedals and crazy synths.  Larkins are a good example of why gigs performed in small venues are more enjoyable and rememberable as there is a clear connection between the audience and the band. There is a difference in the way in which the band interacts with you musically as it is more intimate. 


Not only was the musical production incredible, the lighting alone captured the audience’s attention through its movement to the music. The whole set was built on aesthetics and was continuously vibrant. Careful consideration for the aesthetics of the performance had been taken as the song ‘Pink and Blue’ was complemented with flashing pink and blue lighting for the duration of the song. The lighting alone was capable of making fans dance. 

‘Not Enough Love’ – Fan Favourite

Noble prepared for the popular song ‘Not Enough Love’ through taking off his guitar and tying his hair up. Many fans wondered whether they should take the same approach—for their own safety! Noble encouraged everyone to bounce and the fans anticipated what the next song could be. The tense silence was broken by screams when the intro began to emerge. ‘Not Enough Love’ is Larkins most recent song and appears to be popular amongst fans.

Gig Highlight

A highlight of the night would be when frontman Noble made his way through the crowd with the genuine intention of being close and intimate with his fans, creating an inclusive experience for all. It is clear that Larkins have a massive appreciation for their fanbase. When fans screamed back the lyrics, each band member appeared stunned, as though they couldn’t quite believe what they have achieved. Their humble attitude when performing only makes them more likeable as musicians. 

Closing Song

Larkins closed the set with ‘TV Dream’ and hit the audience with heavy synthesisers and prominent electronic beats. ‘TV Dream’ is arguably their best song, as it is highly rhythmic and full of catchy melodies that hook the fan’s attention and awakes the adrenaline within. The energy could not be contained within the tightly compacted venue and the feeling of excitement was universal. 

After watching Larkins perform live, it will be interesting to see how they will move and grow within the music industry. The future of this band will only lead them to bigger and better things. 

You can listen to more of Larkins work here