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11th November 2019

Date Night On A Budget

Fine dining can be expensive, especially as a student on a tight weekly budget when every penny counts. This can be particularly challenging when planning a ‘date night’ somewhere nice as a student couple.

Luckily, there are some cheap and cool places in Liverpool that provide both tasty food and drink at an affordable cost, so you can enjoy a good night with some good company.

The Font Bar

Image Credit: The Author

The Font Bar is a great place to start as it’s right next to the University, so if you live on or near campus a taxi fare is not necessary. As it neighbours with the University, it attracts many students, not only does this add a trendy, youthful feel to the place, but the menu in return is relatively cheap!

Image Credit: The Author – Prawn wraps with a side portion of curly fries.

The most expensive meal is a burger at £7.50 and cocktails can cost up to £4 (Bargain!). I went for a light snack and chose the prawn wrap with salad and a chuck berry cocktail.

If you want to take the date up a notch, Mario Kart is also available to play on the WII which the bar offers to anyone, so you can have a competitive game against your date to add some spontaneity to the night and show who’s boss!

Address: The Font, 1 Arrad St, Liverpool L7 7JE

For more information click here to check out their website.

Little Furnace

Image Credit: The Author – Margherita pizza with cheese, tomatoes, spinach and olive oil.

Another cheap place to go with your loved one is Little Furnace on Smithdown Road. Again, this is situated in a student living area of Liverpool so there is a really upbeat, friendly vibe.

It’s a gorgeous little restaurant/takeaway with a huge wood fired pizza oven burning in the corner, adding warmth and light to the place. I ordered a Margherita pizza and I was able to improvise with my personal choice of toppings. Along with a starter and a coke, our bill came to no more than £12 each.

As this is a very small restaurant with no more than six tables available, it may be important to ring up and book, so you and your date won’t get turned away.

Address: 178 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 3JR

To make a booking and for more information click here.

Feature Image Credit: The Author