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11th November 2019

Candidates for NUS Delegates Announced

Every year, the National Union of Students (NUS) hold a conference and Universities send their nominated NUS delegates to represent the students’ voices and opinions.

Over 1000 delegates across UK Universities will meet at this year’s conference, which is taking place right here in Liverpool. At the conference, our delegates will vote on debate and vote on motions put forward to the Union, as well as electing the next leaders of the NUS. The conference specifically focuses on Higher and Further Education, Society and Citizenship, Union Development, as well as Student Welfare.

The conference will be taking place from Tuesday 31st March to Thursday 2nd April.

This year, campaigning to join Guild President, Adnan Hussain, at the conference will be:

Voting will begin Monday 11th November at 9am on the Guild website here.

Email addresses have been provided if you have any questions about their campaign, Samira Abdo and Hafiz H. Barakzahi’s email addresses will be updated when they become available.

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