Hannah Percival

Hannah Percival

Name: Hannah Percival

Year & Course: Final Year Communications and Media and Business Studies.

Committee Position: Publishing Chair

Favourite Emoji & Why? My favourite emoji is the Prosecco glasses clinking  – I love it, because a plan to meet up with friends over some drinks, can be made from simply one emoji and a question mark!

What are you binging on Netflix/Why is it so good? Currently, I’m rewatching Brooklyn Nine Nine – I love Andy Samberg’s character and the episodes are fairly short, so it doesn’t feel like it takes up too much time!

Who is your media hero & Why? My media hero is Katie Piper. Following from her harrowing acid attack, Katie has used her platform to support mental health, authored books to tell her story and established a foundation to help burn victims. Katie Piper is the reason why media can be so good for our society and how addressing real issues in books, interviews and TV shows, helps others and promotes a message.

Dream grad job & Why? My dream job is to work as a Marketing Graduate for an international lifestyle, event or corporate brand. One day, I hope to work abroad, so I can experience international marketing in a completely new culture and environment.

Main aim: To give students a voice whilst encouraging creativity amongst all three platforms – Publishing, TV and Radio, which informs the public. This will help to advance their transferable skills, whilst gaining experience in multiple media streams.

Become the trusted platform for student news in Liverpool: Achieved by commenting on important issues, supporting the guild with their campaigns, reporting on campus related news and happenings, and holding the Guild/Uni to account if needed.

To gain a big presence on campus. I want people to know about student media and that we will report on topics that matter to us all! Also, increasing our online presence by creating consistent and engaging content on social media.

I want a steady flow of content, written/produced by students across all years and encouraging those students who are returning to university the following year, to stay involved in the society and potentially contribute to its future progression by applying for a committee role.

Overall, as we are still in the early development phase, I want to be able to create a stable foundation for the committee 2020-2021, to build on our success – potentially producing a print edition, working with brands/sponsorship and attracting more members.

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