Mila Vasey

Mila Vasey

Name: Mila Vasey

Year & course of study: Final year History and Economics

Committee position: Treasurer

Favourite Emoji & why: The smirky/half smile, because it always helps get your sarcasm across! 😏

What are you binging on Netflix: Glee – it’s comedy genius and it’s easy to drop in and out of.

Who is your media hero & why?: Jameela Jamil – although a lot of what she says is rather controversial, she isn’t afraid to call people out when they’re in the wrong, and has made big moves in terms of inclusivity in the entertainment industry.

Dream grad job & why?: Something that challenges me and allows me to travel – I haven’t quite worked out what that will be yet!

Main Aim: I would like to get some writing experience alongside managing the accounts of the society, whilst meeting new people and working with the new team.

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Mila Vasey