Maddy Walker

Maddy Walker

Year & course of study: 1st Year Communications and Media

Committee Position: Radio Chair

Favourite Emoji & why: The ‘woman shrugging’ emoji because I feel like it perfectly captures my mood most of the time.

What are you binging on Netflix/why is it so good?: I’m currently re-watching the US version of Shameless and it’s great because it’s slightly ridiculous but still so relatable and entertaining.

Who is your media hero & why?: Burnie Burns. One of the co-founders of the now massive company, Rooster Teeth. I really admire how they created a production company from the ground up and managed to stay relevant through the years, all while constantly producing entertaining content and continuing to branch out.

Dream grad job & why: Social Media Manager. I’ve grown up deep in social media and the ever changing world of the internet. I really enjoy internet cultures and I think I really understand now what it takes to make someone/something stand out.

Or a broadcast producer. Through my experiences with Liverpool Guild Student Media Radio, I feel like I have a good grasp on what makes for good content, what’s entertaining and relatable. I also really enjoy the communication side of the work, so I feel I have the organisational and communication skills to work in the production side of broadcast.

Main aim: Through Liverpool Guild Student Media, I hope to gain not just broadcast experience but broadcast management experience. I hope to have a successful and experimental year with the radio through our new shows and hope to expand our horizons further than we have in the past.

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