Luke Norton

Luke Norton

Committee Position: TV Chair

Course: Politics

From: Berkshire

Fun Fact About Yourself: I once rode 28 rides in one afternoon at Legoland.

Favourite Song: I do politics so I’m obliged to follow the indie scene; in that case, probably something by Oasis or DMAs.

What Are You Binge Watching? I started watching The Boys recently, and I’m really enjoying it! But I’m also a big movie fan, so I’m normally in the mood for anything by Nolan or Tarantino.

Main Aim For LGSM? Our capabilities and outreach with the TV branch were sadly cut short last year, in the wake of coronavirus and a society anxious to engage with a superficially daunting medium.

This year, I want to set the record straight. Beginning with extensive training in filming and editing, I want to produce a wealth of well-crafted, informative (and hopefully quite funny) video content.

As we know, the social distancing guidelines for semester one are stifling our learning capabilities, but we shouldn’t underestimate the opportunities presented either. LGSM has a key role to play in keeping the student body well-abreast of what’s still going on around the guild, laying the groundwork for what will hopefully be an exciting revival in the new year.


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