Hannah Merchant

Hannah Merchant

Committee Position: Social Secretary

 From: Kent

Course: English Literature

Fun Fact About Yourself: I’m related to Ismail Merchant (give Merchant Ivory a google). Also I’ve never tried ketchup.

Favourite Song: Smile by Lily Allen, Valerie by Amy Winehouse or anything by ABBA, coincidentally they’re all my go to karaoke songs.

What Are You Binge Watching? Greys Anatomy (but only on season 4 so got a while to go), How to get away with murder and Fleabag. I also love to binge watch a Richard Curtis film.

Main Aim For LGSM? To integrate all three strands of LGSM and give people the opportunity to make new friends. I want everyone to feel included and involved in the society and I think socials will help with that.


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