Eli Wright

Eli Wright

Committee Position: Treasurer

From: Milton Keynes

Course: Law and Media and Communications

Fun Fact About Yourself: I’m a Libra, and live my entire life by this fact.

Favourite Song: Although probably Abba’s biggest fan, my favourite song is probably something by Los Campesinos! But I couldn’t choose just one!

What Are You Binge Watching? I’m currently rewatching some old favourites; mainly Arrested Development, The Thick of it, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Main Aim For LGSM?  To build on the excellent foundations laid by last year’s committee and create a fun, inclusive and wide reaching society; whilst gaining more experience in the fundamentals of student media, alongside managing the finances of the organisation.


Meet the team

Angus Watts

Publishing Co-Chair

Eli Wright


Hannah Merchant

Social Secretary

Lorna Farrell


Luke Norton

TV Chair

Olivia Bennett

Marketing Officer

Saara Rasul

Publishing Co-Chair

Shauna Page

Radio Chair